The Top iPhone Apps For Photographers

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Nowadays, photographers are going away with digital cameras. They are opting for iPhones, instead, because of the many photography-related features that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store either for free or for a small amount. From taking a photo down to editing it, there are several applications that you can specifically use for such tasks. The following are some of these apps.


One of the iPhone applications that many photographers are using is the Camera+. This has been a long time favorite by enthusiasts due to its intuitive camera. It also offers various photo editing tools that allow any user to edit the photos that he took. Editing enables the individual to improve the quality as well as the look of the photo. If you will be using such app, you can surely say that its interface is user-friendly. You will not encounter any difficulty when utilizing such application. The price is also affordable, too.

Hipstamatic is another feature that is popularly used by enthusiasts. There are numerous filters available with this application. Film, lens, and flash combos can be simulated by these filters. Excellent photos will surely be the result of using this application. Thankfully, this is an application that you can freely download for a limited period of time. The Oggl app is also similar to Hipstamatic except that it is also compatible with an iPad. Oggl is available for free download.

Hipstamatic - Welcome To Hipstamatic

You may also wish to try PureShot. This is an application that allows you to control your iPhone the same way as if you are controlling a digital SLR camera. High quality image output can be expected from the application. TIFF files with high resolution can also be included in such output. 645 Pro also works the same way as PureShot. The only advantage that 645 Pro has over PureShot is the customization filters that can be used for shooting with different film simulation modes. Both of these apps can be downloaded for a small fee.

a2f8e674c2bee8ac2b153db3552f4d4aIf you will be taking pictures during night time or in low light, you might want to try the Average Camera Pro application. This is an excellent app for such situations. Multiple photos of the same scene are automatically taken through this app. The last image will appear the brightest as it can be while grain expected from low light photography is also minimized. Another similar application to Average Camera Pro is AvgNite Cam. You can download these apps after paying for a small amount.

SlowShutter Cam and Slow Shutter! are two applications that are similar to using DSLR cameras in terms of capturing images at slow shutter speeds. However, they can only be downloaded after paying for a small amount. To minimize grains that are usually present in low light photography, you can download Cortex Camera at a small price.

Snapseed in a great application that allows you to edit the photos that you have taken. The interface of this application is easy to use. Most photographers utilize this app. In addition, you might also like to try VSCO. A lot of filter presets are offered by this application. One of the best image sharpening tools nowadays is also included in VSCO. Both Snapseed and VSCO can be downloaded for free.

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